Komak Medical Ltd. is a contract research organization that offers clinical research their conducting and monitoring, research and development of new medical products in accordance with the International Conference on Harmonization and the requirements of the Association for Good Clinical Practice and ISO 9001: 2008 for the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems, applicable directives of the European Parliament and European Council, as well as all national regulations. The strategic development of the company is focused on the acquisition of new and future clients from international markets and the offering of a complete package of products and services in the field of clinical and bio-pharmacological studies. Investments and efforts of management and employees are fully focused on the development and upgrading of medical products and clinical research in finding the most successful sales approach to end customers. The principal business activity of the enterprise is research and development. Komak Medical is working in a highly specific environment where it provides intelligent and advanced solutions in the field of clinical research for the biopharmaceutical industry on the international and national markets. Clinical trials of medicines are one of the crucial stages in the development of every new drug that is being tested on humans. These are research studies designed to respond to scientific issues related to the mechanism of action of drugs, their safety and suitability for use in medical practice in the treatment or prophylaxis of diseases. They are a mandatory stage in the development of innovative medicines and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Given the specificity of the services offered, the main clients of the company are leading international pharmaceutical companies. This necessitates the constant maintenance of high quality and short deadlines for the performance of the analyzes. The company is a member of the cluster since 2016.