The association includes dentists, dental mechanicians, orthodontists and other specialists, as the endeavor is to provide a complete complex service covering all services in the field of dentistry.

The cluster includes various dental professionals, aiming to share experiences, share know-how, introduce new treatment methods, and ensure the use of modern high-tech equipment.

In addition to dental specialists, the cluster also has clinical laboratories that aim to assist the cluster in the research and analysis of new materials and adhesives, with a view to their implementation in the work of dentists and dental mechanicians.

Other non-medical members are companies that perform complex activities in the field of information technology: implementation of information systems, consulting services and specialized training, web site development, applications and mobile applications, development of innovative software solutions.

One non-governmental organization specializing in 3D design and development of 3D models and prototypes is also a member of the cluster.

Among the members of the cluster is the Medical University of Pleven, which is an accredited university and at the same time is on the list of scientific organizations in Bulgaria. The cooperation with
the Medical University of Pleven will provide an opportunity for offering a new type of academic-practical training and presentation of good practices.

At present, 23 organizations are members of the Cluster.

Dental clinics:

ICT companies:



Business Development:

R&D Organizations:

Suppliers of medical equipment and materials